Class descriptions


Class descriptions

Salsa classes

Cuban Salsa (ballroom): On these classes, you will be teached in TRUE Cuban Salsa, like the one being danced in Cuba and teached on the National Dance School LA ENA. All classes begins with a light warm-up. You learn all the Cuban moves and turns, in relation to the level of the class. On the classes there will be worked with rythm understanding, where you will be better to follow the beat in the salsa music. We emphasize, that the man learns to lead, så the lady can lean back and let herself be lead.

Cuban Salsa and Rueda de Casino (ballroom): Is Cuban Salsa ballroom dance, which is danced in a circle, where you shift partner after each turn and figure. In Cuba EVERYONE dance rueda - both children, young, adults and elderly.

LA Style Salsa/Xbody (ballroom): Is a salsa form, that is developed in Los Angeles, United States. It has become increasingly popular the last couple of years here in Denmark and in the rest of Europe. You dance in a line, and the turns are often very technical. It is recommended for beginners to begin with Cuban salsa, but for intermediate and advanced, the LA Style can be a fun challenge and a good alternative to the Cuban Salsa.

Salsa Moves (not ballroom): Is salsa on a line, where you stand in front of the mirror and do foodwork, which you afterwards can transfer to your ballrooms dance, if you want to. There will be, besides salsa, elements of mambo, cha cha cha, rumba and Afro-Cuban dances. It is fun, and everyone who can dance salsa or another form of dance can participate.

Bachata (ballroom): Bachata stammer fra den Den Dominikanske Republik og er en meget sensuel og blød dans uden så mange svære drejninger. Her danser man lidt tæt og bruger musikken meget i dansen. Den er blevet meget populær herhjemme i de seneste år.

Other couple dancing classes

Argentine Tango (ballroom): Derives from Argentina. It is a very passion filled dance, where you dance very close and feel each other. It is also a very playful dance, which have many opportunities. It is very popular here in Denmark.

Standard-Latin/Vild med Dans (ballroom): On these classes, you will dance both dance from Standard and Latin, so you get the feeling of both. Both: Jive, Samba, Rumba, Cha cha cha, Waltz, Tango, Paso doble and others...

Kizomba (ballroom): Is a very popular ballroom dance, where it is the small and intimate movements it is about. The dance come from Africa and is developed further in Portugal

Remember: You do not need a dance partner to join our ballrooms classes. All our classes is both for singles and couples. If you come with your own partner, you dance with him/her through the whole class. If you come by yourself, you get to dance each time with a different partner.

Dance classes

Salsa Lady Style Moves (for women): On these classes it is the female movements, style, hips, attitude and shoulders, which are in focus. You can transfer a lot of these movements to couples dancing afterwards, or if you dance alone.

Salsa Lady Style Show (for women): Is a mix of Salsa Lady Style Moves, Jazz ballet and elements of funk, which gets compounded in choreographies. The Cuban Carbaret style, which is a very sensual and feminine danse style will also be incorporated. All movements are danced with a liftet attitude. Here is the very open and outwardly energy crucial for the expression of the dance.

Salsa Moves og Reggaetón (for women): Reggaetón is the most hot within Latin American dance and music. The dance contains a lot of nice and dirty moves - it is very funny and makes you sweat. The dance is not a couples dance, and therefore it has become so popular. Then you have an alternative, if you just want to dance and have fun alone or with your friends. We combine it with salsa, so you can use the movements in your couples dance. There will be teached in different choreographies with a lot of great moves. We work with the female movements, style, hips, attitude and shoulders.  

Salsa Moves og Reggaetón (for women and men - not ballroom): Is Salsa and Reggaetón, where you work with steps (footwork) and movements, which you later can transfer to your couples dancing, if you like. There is not so much choreography, but a lot of focus on the movements, and here you can enjoy, that both men and women can participate. 

Afro Power Dance (for women): Is a dance class filled with power and energi! Through big, free movements, we dance African dance moves to African drums. Afro Power Dance is a training concept, where there will be trained cardio, strength and flexibility through choreographies, that will be build up through class. The class has high intensity and makes you sweat, but fills you at the same tiime with joy and relaxation. 

DanceMix (for women): Are fun classes, where everyone can join the steps. There will be worked so you besides getting to know some basic steps, also gets to sweat, as the tempo is high as you know it from the Fitness world. There will be danced both Dancehall, Twerk, House, Waacking/Vogue, Hip Hop and others dance styles. The class is combined of a couple of different music and dance genres, where there will be worked with technique and ongoing being build a choreography.

Ballroom Fitness (for women): Is a fun class, where there will be danced steps and movements from Standard-Latin. It is not couples dancing, but will be combined into little choreographies, where everyone can join.

RetroMix (for women): Is the joy og recognition. It is a class, where there will be danced to the best and greatest hits from the 60's, 70's and 80's.

LatinMix (for women): Is a dance program with good music and energy. It contains rhythms from Salsa, Cumbia, Reggaetón, Merengue and others. Latin Mix is fun - a type of training, which you will want to do every day, and at the same time have fun while you are dancing. It is filled with energy and high cardio training. It is like an aerobic workout. LatinMix is for everyone. No matter alge, physics a.o. You do not need to be a good dancer, or be in super shape to participate. It is about having fun!

DanceMix (for women): In these classes there are mixed a lot of dance styles, like Dancehall, Reggaetón, Twerk, House, Hip Hop and in funny and relatively easy choreographies. 

Dancehall (for women): Derives from Jamaica and has won in over the whole world. There is being danced Dancehall like never before here in Denmark. It is a very sensual and sexy dance, which often is combined with steps and movements from funk and Hip Hop. It makes you sweat. 

Twerk/Twerking (for women): Is the new thing within booty shaking. Here all focus is on isolating parts of the buttocks. It is super fun, dirty, and gives a great firm ass and body sensation.

Girly Hip Hop (for women): The class is for young and adult women, which have dance before and would like to be challenged! You will receive teaching in order to sharpen your musicality, increase your step language and your performance skills, with the purpose of getting ready to perform. You will during the season be offered to participate in different shows and performances, through El Studio, in different venues! The dance style will take starting point in the feminine, where you will be introduced for sub genres like: Heel and Floor performance, Popcommercial, Ghetto Girly. With Urban/Commercial we mean, that there will be teached in different techniques, basics and freestyle from different Urban dance styles like Dancehall, Waacking and Vogue, as well as choreographies like the ones being used in the Commercial world.

Hip Hop (for men and women): Is a class for those, who would like to try Hip Hop and other Urban dance styles. Both for men and women, girls and boys. There will be teached basics and techniques from the Urban dance styles like Hip Hop, House, Poppin and Locking. You will get trained your musicality and learn to freestyle, so you improve yourself to dance choreographies within sub genres like:  Commercial Hip Hop, Gentleman/MJ style and ’Ghetto Male’ style. The class exist in two versions: All (Mondays), or Beginner/Intermediate (Wednesdays), where after challenges and ambitions will be accomodaded.

Breakdance (for men and women):

Streetdance (for men and women): Is dances that are a little funky and Hip Hop kind of. There is not so much technique, but mostly warm up and great choreographies.

Brazilian Samba (for women): The dance is very fast and seducing, where it is about isolating the hips and move the legs fastly. Therefore the puls gets very high. The dance derrives from Brazil, and are danced all over the country and to the famous Carnival in Rio, and also in the Northern part Bahia. Samba from here and from Rio is not quite the same. The class will teach in both styles of Samba.

Bellydance (for women): Is an oriental dance - a firmly anchored part of the Arabian culture, where the bellydance is danced of all women, no matter age or status. All kinds of dances made by women no matter in which part of the world, will be feminine and in some degree will be seen as sensual - it is therefore not only the bellydance.

Bellyfunk (for women): Is also a sensual dance style, only for women. Here you mix Bellydance and Funk movements together, so you get a more modern kind of dance.

Bollywood (for women): This dance style is the one you see in Indian movies and musicals, which now is a dance hit in both London, New York and here in Denmark. The dance is a mix of movements from as different dance styles as Indian classical dance, Bellydance and Show Dance.

Strip Fitness (for women): Is inspired from the Erotic dance - it is steps and training in one, where you have to touch, sense and have fun with yourself and dance a little dirty. The music is fresh and happy with a good rhythm, that will make you want to move.

Burlesque (for women): Is a dirty, sensual, erotic and beautiful dance, which often is part of the chair dance. You have to like to challegne yourself og not be afraid to enjoy your body. The dance is for women, who dares. There will be maked fun and beautiful choreographies. You have to be 18 years old to participate on the class.

Wacking (for women): Is a development of "Vogue" - another 80's dance. It is very feminine movements, which are made quickly after each other, which can be transfered to other dance styles. There is a lot of elements from both Jazz Ballet and other dance styles.

Showdans (for women): Is a mix of a lot of dance styles,

r en blanding af mange danseformer, som bliver sat sammen til danse. Der er elementer af Jazz Ballet, og der bliver også varmet op med lidt danseteknik.

Disco (for women): Er en lidt hurtig danseform, der kun bliver danset til Disko musik. Det er sjovt og alle kan deltage; både børn og voksne.

Moderne Ballet (for women): Er en moderne balletteknik, der kombiner bla. Graham, Limon og andre teknikker. Det er en yderst dynamisk træningsform, der kan variere i niveau, så hvis du trænger til noget god danseteknik, så er dette lige sagen.

Jazz Ballet (for women): Er en blanding af teknik og koreografier med fuld fart på. Man kombiner både teknikken fra Ballet med Funk moves. Det er super træning, hvis man vil have teknik på en sjov måde.

Dance technique (for women): Er en time, der er baseret på teknik, drejninger, balance mm. fra både Moderne Ballet og Jazz. Der bliver strukket godt ud både i starten og i slutningen af timen. Så vi du opnå større smidighed, så er denne time lige noget for dig.

Jazz og Modern Technique (for women): I teknikklassen er der fokus på at opbygge en stærk teknisk base hos den enkelte danser. Vi inddrager elementer fra både Jazz, Moderne, Ballet og Yoga for at øge fleksibilitet og styrke kroppen på flere planer. Øvelserne skal motivere danserne til at lære deres krop bedre at kende og øge bevidstheden omkring centerstabilitet og vægtplacering. Efter en dybdegående opvarmning vil vi bevæge os på tværs i studiet og lege med dets muligheder.

Modern og Contemporary (for women): Her udfordres teknikken, som opbygges i teknikklassen. Koreografierne vil variere i tempo og stil, så danseren opnår et bredere bevægelsesmønster. Bevægelseskvalitet og musikalitet er i fokus, og danserne opfordres til virkelig at dykke ned i materialet og finde deres egen intention bag bevægelserne. Koreografierne beholdes altid mindst 2 uger i streg for at lade danserne leve sig ind i og vokse med materialet.

Pilates (for women): Er en træningsform som hovedsagligt styrker din mave og ryg, men du får også trænet arme, baller og lår. Det er intelligente øvelser, som giver dig styrke, frihed og energi, og du vil hurtigt opdage, at du får det meget bedre i din krop, når du begynder at træne pilates. Efter de første par gange, hvor vi især lægger vægt på at lave øvelserne korrekt, vil træningen blive mere hård, så alle kan træne deres max uanset, om du er begynder eller øvet. Timen er god for alle.

Yoga (for women): Kræver nok ikke den store introduktion. I denne time er der fokus på vejrtrækning, solhilsner og stræk. Det vil være lidt forskelligt hvad vi arbejder med fra gang til gang. Vi vil langsomt bygge vores udholdenhed op til at klare at stå i positionerne i lidt længere tid. Det er også vigtigt at øvelserne bliver udført så rigtigt som muligt og evt. med modifikationer. Du vil opnå mere balance i mellem krop og sind.

Dance for children 

Breakdance (for boys and girls): Bliver hovedsaligt dyrket af drenge, da det kan være lidt krævede, her er det akrobatiske stillinger og sjov moves. Piger kan sagtens også deltage, det er for alle.

Hip Hop/ MTV dance/ MGP dance (for children and grown ups): Er moderne danseformer for voksne, unge og børn. Vi foreslår, at i kigger på Her kan man se en masse, der både underviser og danser disse danse. Det er meget individuelt hvilke stile, der undervises i, alt efter hvem instruktøren er.

MTV /Hip Hop (Show) (for girls and boys): Er holdet for jer piger og drenge, der elsker at danse! Det er til jer, som har danset lidt før og er klar til at blive udfordret og måske komme ud og optræde i løbet af sæsonen til forskellige events og festivaler. I skal være klar til at blive bedre og udvikle jer, samtidig med at have det sjovt og støtte hinanden som et hold. I kommer til at lære at danse til musik af Beyonce, Ciara, Fifth Harmony, Michael Jackson, Justin Bieber, Timberlake og Chris Brown mm, samt de måder de danser på.

Rythmic dance for children (for girls and boys): Er sjove dansetimer, hvor alle børn kan være med. Der bliver lavet danselege og bevægelse til en masse god musik, som ofte er musiknumre de kender i forvejen. Hele kroppen bliver rørt godt igennem, og der bliver sluttet af med en lille afslapningsøvelse, hvor de med lukkede øjne og liggende på ryggen, bliver guidet på en lille fantasirejse.

Rythmic dance for children (for girls and boys): På disse hold blander vi dans, sang og sangøvelser. Det skal være sjovt for alle at deltage.

Baby rythmic (for baby with an adult): Babyrytmik med fokus på at stimulere alle barnets motoriske sanser ved sang, dans og tæt samvær med mor, far eller bedsteforældre. Der vil blive sunget en masse sange samtidigt med at kroppen udfordres; både barnets og den voksnes! Kom og vær med til en hyggelig time med dans, sang og grin.

Show dance (for girls and boys): Er en blanding af mange danseformer, som bliver sat sammen til danse. Der er elementer af Jazz Ballet, og der bliver også varmet op med lidt danseteknik.

Streetdance (for girls and boys): Er danse, der er lidt funky og Hip Hop-agtige. Der er ikke så meget teknik, men mest lidt opvarmning og fede koreografier.

Disco (for girls and boys): Er en lidt hurtig danseform, der kun bliver danset til Disko musik. Det er sjovt og alle kan deltage.

Cuban dances

Disse hold har vi ikke pt. - men skriv eller ring til os, hvis du er interesseret i at få oprettet et af holdene.

Son (ballroom): Er grundstammen i Salsa. Det er her, det hele kommer fra. Son blev danset helt tilbage i 1940'erne i Cuba, inden den sammen med Mambo kom til USA, hvor den blev blandet med andre stilarter - og blev til det, vi i dag kender som Salsa. Den er et meget vigtigt element for at få en musisk forståelse af Salsa. Derudover giver den mulighed for at få hele kroppen med, så der også er bevægelse i overkroppen, når man danser og ikke kun en masse fodarbejde. Dans skal være en helhed. I Son-dansen er der ikke så mange drejninger som i Salsa, men en masse stil.

Cha Cha Cha (ballroom): Er også en cubansk rytme- og pardans. Den er en del af det, man i Cuba betegner som "populære danse". Den blev udviklet i 1950´erne og danses og spilles stadig meget. Den er sjov og lidt svær at danse.

Mambo (ballroom): Er også en cubansk rytme- og pardans fra 1950'erne. Den danses parvis, men er mest en showdans, som blev danset på de cubanske Carbaret-steder. Senere blev den bragt til USA. Nogle steder bliver Salsa kaldt for Mambo, men Mambo stammer fra Cuba og har intet med Salsa at gøre.

Rumba (for women): Er en cubansk dans, hvor mændene spiller op til hinanden og kvinderne, ved at vise smarte dansetrin og bevægelser. Disse bruges også i andre cubanske danse såsom Salsa, hvor elementer herfra inddrages i dansen. De kvindelig bevægelser er meget yndefulde og sensuelle.

Afro-Cubanske danse (for women): Orichas er et af de gudedanse, der bliver danset på Cuba. Hver gud har en egenskab, som så bliver reflekteret gennem dansene. Skønhedsgudindens dans er meget yndefuld, og Styrkegudens dans er meget kraftfuld. Det er godt, hvis man i forvejen danser Salsa, både at danse lidt Rumba og Afro-Cubansk, så man får en forståelse af hvor rødderne kommer fra.

Description of dance levels

De kommende beskrivelser gælder mest for pardansehold.

Man behøver ikke at have danset hos os før, for at deltage på vores hold.

Alle: Er for alle niveauer sammen.

Helt begynder: Er for dem, der aldrig har danset før.

Begynder-Let øvet: Er for dem, der har danset 4-8 uger.

Let øvet 1: Er for dem, der har danset ca. 12-14 uger eller længere.

Let øvet 2: Er for dem, der har danset ca. et halvt år eller længere.

Let øvet 3: Er for dem, der har danset ca. 1 år eller længere.

Let øvet 4: Er for dem, der har danset ca. 1,5 år eller længere.

Øvet: Er for dem, der har danset ca. 2 år eller længere.