Conditions of use
Terms of Service
We accept payment from the following credit cards: Dankort, VISA/Dankort, VISA, Eurocard/MasterCard og Visa Elektron.
Concerning purchases of memberships, classes, events and other services – the customer approves that ElStudio organized under the association “Dansende Dynamisk Verdens Skole” are justified the transaction on the customer’s credit card. After ended payment transaction the customer will receive a receipt on the email address the customer has used to sign up with at the associations website.
Payment for participation of activities, along with tickets and other purchases at workshops, events and trial lessons
Are non-refundable unless otherwise is stated in the arrangement description.
ElStudio reserves the right to cancel a class, that 14 days after announced startup date have failed to acquire 10 participants. This act is executed without further notice, in this case the participants on said class will be referred to other classes.
Process of personal data
ElStudio needs to gather, register and process personal data to complete transactions on our webshop. We only gather information that are required to complete these services. The information we gather are: name, address and email-address. We do not store personal information such as social security number or account number. During transactions on customer information is stored with the sole purpose of completing transactions to deliver the ordered product. When delicate information is stored in our system we ensure it happens with the customers consent and we clearly state what data we process and store. Registered information are stored for 5 years. These data are kept only as accounting materials, ended 5-year period the data is deleted. All this in compliance with the privacy act. ElStudio as responsible of data will allow anyone who demands it information about if their data is being processed.
If personal data is processed the following will be informed.
• What data is processed 
• The purpose of the process
• Who will receive the information
• From where the information originates
A registered member can always oppose the objectification of concerned data for processing.
Cancelation rights: in relation to consumer contracts, states a 14 days Cancelation time on products purchased on the website.
Name of association and company along with address and contact information are:
Dansende Dynamisk Verdens skole C/O ElStudio
Blågårdsgade 37, stuen
2200 København N
CVR-nr: 26170974
Tlf.: +45 20987477
E-mail: info@cubakultur
Legal name of the organization: Dansende Dynamisk Verdens Skole C/O ElStudio
Corporate form: Association
CVR : 26170974
Official e-mail address:
Official web-address:
Terms and conditions of the website
Through usage of the website you accept the terms and conditions associated with our website. In the event you do not accept these terms you are to leave the website immediately. The association can change the terms of website usage anytime. We therefore encourage users to visit our website frequently to be ajour with our most recent terms. You will be subject to politics, terms and conditions which are applicable at the given time. You as a user are responsible for agreeing to all the terms necessary to gain access to the website. You are likewise responsible for all individuals who uses our website through your internet connection and making sure these individuals agree with the terms of use. Price and payment regarding children’s classes It is conditional for membership of the association that you as a customer sign up for payment through Dankort or other credit cards which is approved by the association and suppliers. If the association offers ongoing payments. You must, in response to your first payment approve that the association can charge you for the subscription, until you either change your membership or revoke your membership from the association. The amount you are charged, for your membership in the association is automatically withdrawn from your credit card.
No later than 8 days before each payment will you receive an e-mail or text message informing you how much we charge you. The association uses DIBS A/S which is approved by NETS A/S for this transaction form. All transactions are encrypted so no card or account information is visible. During automatic subscription payments your card information is not stored within the associations database, but in DIBS A/S database. Receipts for payments is received on mail. When you sign up you accept the associations terms. The association will e-mail you, when your credit card is nearing its expiration date or when credit card data Is altered. Upon receiving your new credit card, you can update your payment information on the associations website. If your credit card gets blocked you are solely responsible for registering the new credit card. When you complete a purchase on the associations website Nets A/S charges the funds and the encrypted data is handled by DIBS A/S. When using the website to pay for products or services from the association you accept that the association administers your payment on the terms and conditions that are declared on the website. The association can collect a fee in relation to your payment on the website. A potential fee will be clearly indicated on all pages of the website where a transaction is conductible. Furthermore, will a charged fee be shown on your receipt.
The website accepts as a baseline the following payment types: Dankort, Visa/Dankort, in some cases Mastercard will also be usable, this will be stated on the website. Payment for services such as subscription and team participation happens in advance. The association uses DIBS A/S as gateway for payments. DIBS A/S is responsible for the encrypted transaction between your credit card and Nets A/S. more information can be found on All prices on the website include VAT, unless otherwise is stated. Procedure of revoking memberships and the belonging subscription: You can at any time revoke your subscription. We have one months’ notice. Your subscription will therefore be canceled at the end of the next month. To revoke your membership and subscription, you must send an email containing the following information: first name and last name of your child. When you receive a confirmation email, the subscription cancelation is valid. Your membership will end on December 31. So, you can at any time re-subscribe to a class. Price and payment regarding adult’s classes. On the adult classes we have period registration so you will have to re-subscribe after ended period if you want to continue the dance class. Right of revocation. As a baseline there are no revocation on purchased services such as memberships and subscriptions.
For more information see consumer contracts § 18 piece 12. I special cases refunds can be made, it is the buyers responsibility to apply for a refund by either contacting “Klubmodul customer service” or the association responsible for making the sale. This option is available for 14 days after the purchase has been completed. Upon purchasing a physical product, you can invoke the right of cancellation for 14 days. If you wish to invoke a revocation it is your responsibility to return the item to the club, organization or association form which you made the purchase. Personal data When using the website, statistic data is gathered. These data are completely anonymized, this means they do not contain data that can identify you even though you are signed in to the website. Sensitive data example payment information, are sent through a secure channel by use of SSL encrypting. We treat personal data in compliance with the law of personal data. We Store no sensitive personal data about you. The information we gather when you use the website are treated in complete confidentiality and are only used in relation to purchases you as a customer make in the association. As a registered member with the association or the associations supplier, you have a right to insight in the information we have gathered on you. You can oppose a registration in accordance to the law of personal data.
No personal data are passed on to a third party in any form or at any time. Unless this is demanded by law or by the public authorities. Username and password If you wish to sign up for at class or any other services offered by the association, you as a user are provided with a username and a password. It is solely your responsibility to store these data in a way that makes them unavailable to others. You can order a new password from the website you signed up. Newsletters You can sign up for our newsletter. We will emit newsletters to email address you have registered You can at any time unsubscribe from our newsletters. This can be done by either deleting your profile from the website, by unsubscribing using the link in our newsletter, or on your profile on the website. In the newsletters there might be commercials for the associations sponsors and or collaborators. Cookies In relation to your login a temporary cookie is installed on your computer. In internet explorer (version 5.x) can the cookie be deleted by accessing the settings Technical demands of the user’s computer. The website is constantly being optimized, so that the website can run in most browsers (Google Chrome, internet explorer, Edge, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, Opera) and operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, Linux).
The club members and fans can provide financial support through the market place. Each time a member purchases a product through the associated web shops, the club gets a small fee of 2-5% of the orders value. All actions made through the associated web shops on the market place are solely handled by the concerned web shop. All inquiries are therefore directed towards the concerned web shop. Disclamation Klubmodul ApS and the present association, klub or organization are not responsible for crashes or access denial on the website. Power or internet shutdown. Vandalism on the system physically as well as digitally (computer virus or hacking) misuse or violation of personal data. As well as other events which is not in our control. price and typing errors are reserved. Klubmodul ApS and the association can I no case be made liable for the use of the website or “klubmodul” Klubmodul ApS and the association do not guarantee the information on the website or the ads are flawless, available, correct, accurate, reliable, up-to-date, safe, delivered on time or, useable for a given purpose. We strive to ensure that the information on the website is correct, yet we do not guarantee the information is accurate or complete. Klubmodul ApS and the association can conduct changes on the material on the website or the services offered at any time without any warning.
Data on the website could be outdated and klubmodul and the association are not obligated to update this data. Klubmodul ApS or the association are therefore not liable for losses, injuries or financial loss the customer, client or third part. Might suffer from due to incorrect add text of photos. Any link to a third party’s website is without responsibility of the association or Klubmodul aps Klubmodul ApS or the association are not responsible for injuries the user might experience as a response to the associations services. If you wish to advertise on our services you need to contact us. You are responsible for the safety of the password you used to register on the website. Unless Klubmodul ApS or the association passes on your password to a third part. Klubmodul ApS or the association are not responsible for any transactions made using your name or password. Customer service The association will attempt to help you out if you experience trouble with sign ups og orders. Contact information can be found in the help or contact section of the website. Questions regarding sign ups or orders: if you experience trouble with this or anything else please contact us in the manner mentioned above and we will assist you in the best way.
Cancellation or changes of an order
If you wish to cancel or change an order after it has been placed, and payment have been approved. You can contact us but there is no guarantee we accept your request. Complaints and feedback: in case you as a customer are not satisfied with the service we deliver you can give us feedback in the form of a review, comment and rating to reflect your experience. Compensation. If you are unhappy with the service we have delivered and wishes the payment refunded, the amount reduced or compensation in another form. You as a customer can contact us in the manner described above. Force majeure We are not responsible for missing or delayed fulfillment of any of our commitments in relation to any events out of our reasonable control (force majeure). Force majeure revolves any action, event, missing event, exception or accident out of our control. This involves: Strikes, lockouts, natural disaster, riots, civil disturbances, terrorist attacks, terrorist threats, war (declared, ongoing or under preparation), arson, wildfire, explosions, storms, floods, earthquakes, epidemics, disabled use of train rails, ships, flights, cars or any other public or private transportation options. The orders, actions or laws of the government. Our fulfilment of a contract is revoked in the time of a force majeure event and throughout its entire time span. We will do our best to bring the force majeure event to an end and or find a solution that ensure that we can fulfill our end of the contract
When signing up you agree you grant us permission to send you newsletters once a month and take photos and video of the classes. This is used for our summer and Christmas events. We reserve the right to use said photos and videos in our marketing.