Bachelorette party

Bachelorette party


Dance to bachelorette party

For both small and big groups. A dancing event has to most importantly be fun!

With us you get an hour of fun and joyous dance experience from our wonderful instructors.

Our instructors are all educated dancers, who always can get a big smile on peoples faces.

Everyone can join, no matter age or gender, and you do not need any dance experience to participate.

If you want to toast once in a while there is room for that. With us, it is okay to bring your own alcohol ;)

We have both our own classrooms, and rooms we rent. The classrooms are located at Nørrebro, City (close to Central Station), Islands Brygge and Christianshavn (Holmen). But we can also come to your place or rooms.   

We offer classes in the following styles:

Twerk, Dancehall, Salsa, Disco, Funk, Hip Hop, MTV-dance, Show dance, Strip Fitness, Burlesque, Bellydance, Bollywood, Afro dance, Tango, Samba, Reggaetón, LatinMix, RetroMix, DanceMix, Jazz Ballet, Ballet, Vild Med Dans, Standard-Latin og First dance/Ballroom dance mm.

If you have special wishes, write us an email, then you get exactly the style, you would like. 

See prices here


We have made it easy for you. Send us a Bachelorette Party request by this formular. 

You can also send us an email with the following information:
  • Your wishes to date
  • Your wishes to time at the day
  • Number of participants
  • Dance style
  • Eventually which location you are interested in (se our different locations to bachelorette parties below. We can also come to you)
  • Mobile number, which we can contact you on.

We only book for whole hours. You can book from early in the day till evening. 

Be aware, that there can go a half day before you get answer on your request. If it is urgent, please call us on 20987477.  

When you book you will receive an email with all information, together with a link, where you have to click and pay, the latest 8 days, after you receive the email. After payment is completed, you will receive a receipt to your email. When you receive the receipt, the booking is binding for both parties. 

  • When can we arrive? You can arrive whenever you want, however, we often have events right after each other, so you can first enter the dance room right on the clock.
  • What do we do, if we are late? If you are late, it is on your own responsibilty. We often have a new group, that arrives just after you, so you just get that amount less of the class.
  • What do we do, if we cancel? The booking is binding for both parties. If you cancel, the latest, two weeks before the event, you get half of the amount refunded. If you cancel later than this, there is no refund.
  • (Out of the house events) Is there something special we need to prepare, when it is at our place? To bachelorette parties and events at your place, you need to have a stereo, with a Minijack cable where the instructor can connect their iPhone or similar. Please move furniture and alike, so there is as much room as possible. Our instructors always adjust their class to the space you have. 

Rooms, we book for bachelorette parties:

Rooms with bath
"Dansesalen" in the backyard at Kapelvej 44, 2200 København N 
Østerbrohuset, Århusgade 103, Dansesalen st. tv., 2100 København Ø

The dance studio at Frederiksberg Svømmehal, Helgesvej 29, 2000 Frederiksberg

Svanemøllehallen, Østerbrogade 240, 2100 København Ø
The dance studio at Hal C, Arsenalvej 6 (Arsenaløen, Holmen), 1436 København K
The dance studio ND at DGI-byen, Tietgensgade 65, 1704 København V
(You need to pay an entrance at Frederiksberg Svømmehal, if you want to shower there.)
Rooms without bath
The dance studios at Kapelvej 44, 1st and 2nd floor, 2200 København N 
The dance studio at Støberiet, Blågårds Plads 5, 2200 København N 
Helgasalen at Vesterbro Bibliotek & Kulturhus, Lyrskovgade 4, 1. sal, 1758 København V

Kulturhuset Islands Brygge, Islands Brygge 18, 2300 København S

The dance studio at Prismen, Holmbladsgade 71, 2300 København S (summer closed July - midt August)

If you have any questions, call us at +45 20 98 74 77, eller send os en mail på