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At ElStudio we are CRAZY about our members. We have classes for all levels. We do not brag with fancy rooms. However we have some of Copenhagens lowest dance school prices and the citys/Denmarks best dance instructors within the different dance styles, that all have a great passion for dancing and manages to pass on their talent in a fun and inspiring way.
There is a relaxed atmosphere at all our classes, where you can be YOURSELF, and have the opportunity to develop in your own pace. You come in the clothes and shoes, you want to. You can choose yourself, if you want to sign up for one or two classes per week. We have a lot of different dance styles to choose from:

Cuban Salsa, Bachata, Standard-Latin, Brazilian Samba, Baile Funk, Lady Styling Salsa, Rumba and Afro-Cuban, Cuban Moves, Dancehall, Twerk, Reggaetón, Dance & Sweat, DanceMix, Burlesque, Jazz and Modern, Street Dance, Hip Hop, Afro Beats, Bellydance, Bollywood and MGP-dance, MTV-dance, Breakdance and Rhytmic Dance for children among others...  

We always encourage to go several times a week, if you wish to get most out of the training, as it gives greater success and motivation.


Sign up for 2, or 3 classes
If you want to go to 2 or 3 classes, you just need to sign up for the classes, and write an email to us, then you will get a discount of 100 DKK refunded on your account (not per class, but in total). 

Sign up for 4 classes, or more

If you want to go to 4 classes or more, you need to buy unlimited training from the links down below. Afterwards you need to send us an email to with the classes you would like to attend, then we will manually add you to the list. 
Save 280 DKK or more in the C-period
Unlimited training Start - End Price Sign up
Summer classes - 9 weeks of training on teen/adult classes
25th June - 24th AugustNow only: 1700 DKK
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About the periods

We have 5 periods during the year: A, B and C-period before the summer holiday, and D and E-period after the summer holiday. On the dance school we have rate/period payment, but you choose yourself, if you wish to continue on the class and sign up for the next period.

Periods 2018:

  • Period A: Week 3-9 (6 weeks)
  • Period B: Week 10-17 (7 weeks)
  • Period C: Week 18-24 (7 weeks)
  • Period D: Week 35-42 (8 weeks)
  • Period E: Week 43-50 (8 weeks)

How to sign up

To sign up for a class, you need to create a profile/membership here on the website, and you need to be logged in with the profile to sign up. You create a profile by clicking on the link outside the class you would like to join. The membership fee is automatically added to the class' price. It is only one time a year you pay this fee, and it follows the calendar year.

Create a profile with the members:

  • Name
  • Birthdate (has to be correct. If it is a child you sign up, it needs to be the childs full name and birthdate in the profile.)
  • Address
  • Email-address
  • Mobile number

After creating a profile, you are automatically logged in with your new profile. Your receive an email with your login information to the email-address you have indicated.

Gain a discount by signing up for several classes

  • If you sign up for multiple classes, you get a discount if it is a period of 7 or 8 weeks. You can also sign up for unlimited training. When you have payed for, you just need to send us an email with the classes you would like to attend, then we put you on the participant list.

  • Dance for free. If you are a group of 5, who sign up together and have never danced at our school, one of you will get the money for the class refunded, if you write us an email with your full names. The discount is also valid, if it is a former student, who has 4 new friends with, and everyone sign up for the same class. There has to be at least 5 weeks left of the class, for the discount to be valid.

        If you have any problems regarding sign up, please write us an email at eller call us at +45 20 98 74 77.