Trial Classes

Trial classes


How to book a trial class, before you sign up 

Before you buy a trial class, you need to see under sign up which classes you would like to attend, and which date. You must add this yourself, when you book the trial class (remember the class number)

Important info

  • Remember to see which address the class is located on, as we have many different locations.
  • You can only book a trial class, if it is a class or instructor, which you have not tried before (if you get sick, you can always buy a new for the week after).
  • REMEMBER to bring the receipt for the trial class! It is only valid, if you have noted the team number and date you are attending the class.
  • Trial classes cannot be refunded or switched. 
  • If you want to sign up for the class after a trial class, you can sign up from 12:00 the next day. (Prices for the classes will be updated, so you only pay for the weeks, that are left on the class).  

Sign up here

OBS! To book a trial class, you need to create a quick profile. It is FREE. There is no subscription fee. If you want to delete your profile, you can just send us an email.

Trial classes for children: 40 DKK. buy here

Trial classes for adults: 60 DKK. buy here