Membership 2018

As a member of ElStudio you get: 

  • 20 % discount on all our workshops.
  • 20 % discount on all our private lessons.
  • Free entrance with 3 companions to our sommer closure event and Christmas closure event and one companion if you are adult. 
  • As a new member, you get a nice T-shirt with the schools logo on it, which will be delivered at our yearly Christmas closure event.
  • A newsletter from us every 14th day with information about All the exciting activities we have on and outside the dance school.
  • A pleasant community for everyone, with top dance lessons by our wonderful instructors.
Member discounts can not be used when you buy gift cards.

Membership fee 2018

As we are an association, everyone who gos to weekly classes at our school, has to pay a little yearly membership fee.

This fee follows the calendar year and is in 2018 only 100 DKK, no matter what time a year you sign up.

(The membership is automatically added to the price of the class/classes, when you sign up for the first time. The membership is valid to the end of the year, and it expires automatically, if you do not sign up again for 2019). 

If you are under 25 years old and wish help to pay for this membership fee, read more here. 


In case of sickness, it is unfortunately not possible to get refunded your membership or class sign up. This also applies for trial lessons. 

Shifting classes

In case that a class is not established, you can not get the money refunded for the class. But you can shift to another class.

You can shift classes in the middle of a period, if there is the same amount of weeks left, as you have payed for. You just write us an email to

Cancellation of membership (from adult classes)

If you do not wish to continue at ElStudio, you just simply do not renew your membership. The membership expires automatically the 31st of December 2018, so you can at any time this year sign up again for the class.

Unsubscription from Childrens classes (subscription payment)
You can at any time unsubscribe, with the valid notice. The registration for the class will expire at the end of the unsubscription month, plus one month. when you unsubscribe, you need to send us an email with: Front name, Last name of your child. When you get an email from us in return, the registration notice is valid.
The membership expires automatically the 31st of December 2018 (as at the adult classes), so you can at any time this year sign up again for the class.