Our new classes in the E-period will begin in week 44 and 45, but you can start whenever you like.
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Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga

Dynamic Vinyasa yoga is a style which is characterized by linking one position to another while focusing on the transitions and combining breathing with movement. It’s also known as Yoga Flow for its quality of following the pattern and thus achieving, in addition to balance, optimal physical and mental performance. In its essence, it’s about training the mind to live in the now, through discipline of the body and breath control. It’s a dynamic class, which is ideal to raise your energy level in the morning. 

About the periods

We have 5 periods during the year: A, B and C-period before the summer holiday, and D and E-period after the summer holiday. On the dance school we have rate/period payment, but you choose yourself, if you wish to continue on the class and sign up for the next period.

Periods 2018:

  • Period A: Week 3-9 (6 weeks)
  • Period B: Week 10-17 (7 weeks)
  • Period C: Week 18-24 (7 weeks)
  • Period D: Week 35-43 (8 weeks)
  • Period E: Week 44-50 (7 weeks)

How to sign up

To sign up for a class, you need to create a profile/membership here on the website, and you need to be landged in with the profile to sign up. You create a profile by clicking on the link outside the class you would like to join. The membership fee is automatically added to the class' price. It is only one time a year you pay this fee, and it follows the calendar year.

Create a profile with the members:

  • Name
  • Birthdate (has to be correct)
  • Address
  • Email-address
  • Mobile number
After creating a profile, you are automatically logged in with your new profile. You receive an email with your login information to the email-address you have indicated.

Gain a discount by signing up for several classes

  • If you sign up for several classes, you get a discount (if it is for a period of 5, 6, 7 or 8 weeks). You can also sign up for unlimited training. When you have payed, you just need to send us an email with the classes you would like to attend, then we put you on the participant list.
  • Dance for free. If you are a group of 5, who sign up together and have never danced at our school, one of you will get the money for the class refunded, if you write us an email with your full names. The discount is also valid, if it is a former student, who has 4 new friends with, and everyone sign up for the same class. There has to be at least 5 weeks left of the class, for the discount to be valid.

OBS: We reserve the right to cancel a class, if there is not at least 10 participants. See full addresses under Sign up.

If you have any problems with registration, please write to us at or call +45 20 98 74 77.