Statements from students

Statements from students

”My best experience is with Louise (Twerk Queen), just in general. She is very bodypositive and I think that is very motivational and has helped me how to learn to like my body and think that it is good enough, just as it is”

  • Emilie, about the class Twerk with Twerk Queen

”There is a good mood in the class. The teaching method is logical and pedagogical. Everyone gets involved and challenged on their on level. After participating in the class I am always in a good mood

  • Rikke, about the class Cuban Salsa with Stine

”I love Stine's energy. Beside that I am crazy about the events at Kaffesalonen, Street Food and so on! It is super nice to dance and meet a lot of new people”

  • Ayse, about the class Lady Styling Salsa & Reggaetón with Stine

”I love to watch my son jump around and be happy when he dances”

  • Anna, about the class Rhythmic dance with Vicky

”To receive dance compliments from the other dance students - so you know you have improved!”

  • Magnus, about the class Cuban Salsa with Stine

”In general my best experience is when we all feel safe in the choreography and just dancing to the fullest to the music. The best part s that you don't think about anything else in that moment.”

  • Amalie, about the class Street Dance with Maria

”In general I am just happy about the class. It fits my needs perfect. Beside that the location is very welcoming!”

  • Kristiane, about the class Girly Hip Hop with Michaela

”Our teacher Mikaela. She is extremely skillful, sweet and funny! She really makes the difference.”

  • Lisbeth, about the class DanceMix with Mikaela

”I think it's great with so many events besides the classes and the manageable price. You can't ask for much more than that

  • Nina, about the class Standard Latin with Puk

"My daughter hasn't gone at the dance school for long, but she is looking forward to every time she has to go to class"
  • Linnea, about the class MGP/Hip Hop (6-9 year olds) with Cecilie