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Inner Peace & Joy Dance Retreat for Women 24-26th of January 2023 ( week 8)

Dance Weekend Retreat near Copenhagen

This is a unique chance to try different dance styles, stretch your body, go deeper into your body with yoga, meditation and relax with sauna. We will have healthy organic raw & vegan food to nourish your body on all levels.

Limited amount of spaces. Sign up with before February 10th and save 400 kr

This is a dance and yoga retreat with daily dance training, yoga, stretching, cold deep and sauna gus and high vibe plant based food. A dance & yoga retreat for those who want more joy in life and balance for body and mind and a perfect way to start 2023.

“Inner Peace & Joy Dance Retreat”

Our retreat place is located in a beautiful modern house in Køge, 5 minutes by car from the beach. It is only a 30-minute drive from Copenhagen and easy to get to by public transport.

The main house is where all our activities are and this is where we have our classes and eat together and have High vibes kitchen sessions.


The retreat includes:

4 x dance classes

2 x yoga/ meditation session

2 x Sauna gus & ice bath

2 x relaxation session (stretch & relax)

2 teachers during the entire stay.

Teaching will be both in Danish & English.

Dance and Yoga/meditation instructor: Daniella

High Vibe vegan instructor: Sofie Soulshyne

Zen Saunagus: Sofie Soulshyne

1 x breakfast

1 x lunch

1 x brunch

2 x dinner

High Vibes Snacks and tea and delicious Raw Food Cakes

The menu is High vibe plant-based healthy, delicious, nutritious food without refined sugar, gluten and dairy products with superfoods.



We sleep in rooms in the house. There is no option for a single room.

Toilet and shower in the house. There are 2 toilets and a shared bath and outdoor shower.


You will have the opportunity to try the popular dance styles such as Reggaeton, Dancehall & Dancemix as well as a Jazz & Modern Class.
The level will be Open level, but it is an advantage if you have done movement / dance training before.

Stretch & Relax:

A relaxing class, where we stretch the body well and release stress and tense muscles.


Daniella will teach both Hatha and Yin Yoga, which will strengthen and
de-stress the body. We adapt the yoga according to the group and the energy.

Hatha yoga is a more static form of yoga and you hold the positions longer. It gives focus and strength and challenges you mentally.

Yin yoga is gentle and relaxing yoga form where you surrender, relax and stretch.  We finish off with meditation.

Yoga is for everyone who wants a healthier and more flexible body.

There is yoga equipment and exercise equipment for all participants, but you must bring your own bikini and an extra towel for hot and cold baths, as well as bathing sandals and shoes for indoors. Dance practice will be in stockings or bare feet.


Zen Sauna Gus

We have a nice mobile sauna with good heat and a wooden interior. Everyone can participate and you don't have to have tried it before. Sofie guides you through the zen gus with wonderful scents and music.

We relax in the sauna and warm up the body, increase blood flow, relieve tension, stress and sore muscles. We dip the body at intervals in the cold ice bath, which gives the body an endorphin & adrenaline boost, which in combination gives energy and surplus and ready for training.



16.00 -16.30: Arrival

16.30 : Welcome

17.00-18.00: Reggaeton

18.00-18.30: Stretch & Relax

19:00-19:30: Light Dinner

20.00- 21:30: Zen Sauna Gus



08:00-09:00 : Morning Yin Yoga & meditation

09.30-10.30: Breakfast

11:00-12:00: Dance hall

13:00-15:00: Lunch & High Vibe Food session & Knowledge

15:00-16:00: Jazz & Modern Class

16.00-17.00: Stretch & Relax

Healthy Light Food & Smoothie

17.30- 19:30: Zen Sauna Gus

19:30 : Late Dinner



08:00-09:00 Morning Yoga & meditation

09:00-10.00: Tea & Smoothie

10.00-11.00 Dance Mix

11:00-12:30: Brunch & High Vibe Food session & Knowledge

12:30-13:00: Departure and talk !


NOTE: Changes to the program are subject to change.


Price & Booking:

 DKK 3200

Early Bird Price : 2800 DKK


Sign up 24-26 February


Your booking is binding, however it is possible for you to sell your place on if you are prevented.

The number of participants is a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 15. In addition, there are 2 teachers.


The trip includes:

Accommodation in "Sunshine house".

Full board, vegan breakfast, lunch or dinner, incl. tea and coffee by Sofie Soulshyne.

Yin n´Hatcha yoga teaching by Daniela

Dance training by Daniela

Sauna Sus by Sofie Soulshyne

Yoga equipment yoga mat, yoga block, yoga mat and blanket.



The trip does not include:

Transport to and from the retreat.

Cancellation and travel insurance.

Liability insurance. Participation is at your own risk.

Towel for sauna gas and own bedding/sleeping bag, sheet etc.



If you have allergies, please also inform us of this when registering.

Registration and payment are binding. However, you are welcome to

pass your seat on to someone else, but we must be informed of this.


Allergies and allergens, remember to inform us about this when registering.

Location and how to get there:


Skolelodden 25, 2680 Solrød

The retreat is 20 min. driving from Copenhagen. When you are registered and have paid, you will be added to a shared Facebook group. Here we will do our best to help with carpooling. Alternatively, you can take the train from Copenhagen to Solrød station and a bus to Jersild.


Your teachers:

Daniela (Nanu)

Daniela teaches Hip Hop & Girly Hip Hop, Burlesque & Girly, Lady Reggaetón and Female Dancehall

Our beautiful dancer Daniela is a trained dancer from Argentina, and has trained in Denmark at the Stage Entrance. She has several years of dance experience from her home country, where she has taught regularly at a dance school. Daniela is a super sweet teacher who always brings a little humor into the dance lessons. She also teaches different yoga styles, which reflect her passion for healing and meditation.

She has been with us at El Studio for almost 5 years and her classes are always well filled and very popular.

Nanu's alternate site:

There is more than one way to heal


Sofie Soulshyne

Sofie has 15 years of experience with her beautiful world of food and extensive knowledge of the raw & vegan lifestyle:

Sofie is a food queen. She doesn't cook, she creates it. Beautiful, feminine, vibrating, high frequency food.

At the retreat there will be high vibrating food that will nourish you on all levels for body and soul. The food is organic plant-based, raw food, vegan and alkaline. Our wonderful vibrating team will create a magical culinary experience that will make your cells vibrate at the highest level.

The retreat is made in collaboration with Tasty Coconut, our great collaboration partner that have the tastiest organic tropical fruit and vegetables with the best taste and quality. There will be delicious coconut drinks and smoothies. See more in links below.

There will be purified, alkalised water throughout the retreat.

Sofie makes a mediative Sauna session with organic essential oils and music, which is very nourishing for all your cells and mind.


Links to Sofie Soulshyne:

If you would like to register or have further questions, please contact us at




Sign up 24-26 February


Questions about dance & yoga for El Studio: +45 2098 7477

Questions about food on sms: Sofie + 45 2684 2672

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