Intensive Salsa Beginner Course February to May | Gå til hovedindhold

Intensive Salsa beginner workshop

Saturdays from March 9th from 12.10 to 14.10 at Korsgadehallen, Korsgade 29, 2200 KBH N

Learn how to dance Salsa in 5 weeks (10 hours in total) on the following Saturdays: 9th of March, 23rd of March, 6th of April, 20th of April and 4th of May. 

Price: 1000 DKK Book here

You can expect to learn the following during the course: 

Learn the basic Salsa rhythm and timing.

Basic Steps and Posture

  • Forward and backward basic steps.
  • Side basic step.
  • Focus on maintaining proper posture and frame.

Partnering Basics

  • Introduction to partner dancing.
  • Connection exercises to establish leading and following dynamics. Cross Body Leads with Multiple Turns
  • Advanced variations of cross body leads with multiple turns.
  • Emphasize fluid transitions between moves.

Shines and Solo Footwork

  • Introduce shines (solo footwork) to enhance individual expression.
  • Practice incorporating shines into partner dancing.

Musicality and Social Dance Etiquette

  • Develop an understanding of musicality and timing.
  • Discuss social dance etiquette and tips for navigating the dance floor.

We also encourage consistent practice outside of class, which is why we have a Facebook group where the teachers will share video tutorials for additional support. You will receive a link to the Facebook page right before the course begins. 

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