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Hip Hop Basic (for men and women): A fun and educational class for you who wants to learn to work on the basic steps and techniques within the Hip Hop style. The classes will contain different exercises, play and choreography.

Hip Hop/Streetdance (for men and women): Is a class for those, who would like to try Hip Hop and other Urban dance styles. Both for men and women, girls and boys. There will be taught basics and techniques from the Urban dance styles like Hip Hop, House, Poppin and Locking. You will get trained your musicality and learn to freestyle, so you improve yourself to dance choreographies within sub-genres like: Commercial Hip Hop, Gentleman/MJ style and ’Ghetto Male’ style. The class exist in two versions: All (Mondays), or Beginner/Intermediate (Wednesdays), where after challenges and ambitions will be accommodated.
Street Dance (for men and women): Are dances that are a little funky and Hip Hop kind of. There is not so much technique, but mostly warm up and great choreographies.

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Hip Hop

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