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Lady Styling Salsa (for women): On these classes, it is the female movements, style, hips, attitude and shoulders, which are in focus. You can transfer a lot of these movements to couples dancing afterwards, or if you dance alone.

Lady Styling Salsa and Reggaetón (for women): We mix Lady Styling Salsa and Reggaetón, so you can transfer all the movements to your salsa social dancing. There will be teached in different choreographies with a lot of feminine movements. We work with movements from the hips, posture and shoulders.

Lady Styling Salsa and Bachata (for women): If you are a more experienced Salsa social dancer, you may be interested in Bachata lady styling also. In this class we mix elements from the Lady Styling Salsa and Reggaetón class together with Bachata steps and movements.
Lady Styling Salsa Showclass (for women): Is a mix of Salsa Lady Style Moves, Jazz ballet and elements of funk, which gets compounded in choreographies. The Cuban Carbaret style, which is a very sensual and feminine danse style will also be incorporated. All movements are danced with a liftet attitude. Here is the very open and outwardly energy crucial for the expression of the dance.

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