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Cuban Salsa: On these classes, you will be taught in TRUE Cuban Salsa, like the one being danced in Cuba and taught on the National Dance School LA ENA. All classes begin with a light warm-up. You learn all the Cuban moves and turns, in relation to the level of the class. On the classes, there will be working with rhythm understanding, so you can be better to follow the beat in the salsa music. We emphasize, that the man learns to lead, so the lady can lean back and let herself be lead. 

Cuban Salsa and Rueda: Is Cuban Salsa, which is danced in a circle, where you shift partner after each turn and figure. In Cuba EVERYONE dance Rueda - both children, young, adults and elderly. It is a lot of fun.

Cuban Moves: Are Salsa moves and other styles danced alone on a line, it is food work and body moves, which you afterwards can transfer to your couple salsa if you want to. There will besides salsa, be elements of mambo, cha cha cha, rumba and Afro-Cuban dances. It is fun, and everyone who can dance salsa or another form of dance can participate.

Son: Cuban Son dance class is a vibrant and lively dance style originated in Cuba and is known for its infectious beats and joyful movements. Son Cubano is probably one of the most romantic dances and it is considered the predecessor of salsa, it is danced with the opposite rhythmic pattern, with pauses on the first and fifth beat rather than the fourth and eighth as in salsa

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