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Statements from previous bachelorette parties

"We were really excited about the event. The teacher was so good and made it really fun. We are still laughing. Really good bachelor party feature. We were really happy and would definitely recommend you!" Best, Anne (About Twerk, with Sam)

"We had so much fun! All worth the money. Your instructor was super professional and nice to do, was on the battle, seemed super engaged. 10/10, give the instructor a high-five from us! I would recommend it to anyone. " Alexander (about Salsa, with Pia)

"Everything was in the best order and I can only say YES to it all :) We had a fun experience!" Camilla (About Twerk, with Mikaela)

"We were so happy - it was a really successful event, and really fun to try Bollywood dance. Good instructor and teaching." Kind regards, Stine (About Bollywood, with Vijaya)

"We were very pleased everyone :) The teaching and the instructor were perfect!" Bjarte (About Hip Hop, with Xenia)

"We were very excited about our event, we had classes in Disco on Kapelvej. The teacher was really sweet, capable and able to make us all have fun. Praises from here!" All the Best, Ulla (About Disco, with Simone)

"Thank you for a good event. We received lots of good feedback on it and the instructor really managed to make a good atmosphere." Sincerely, Søren (About Twerk, with Daniela. Polterabend for men)

"She was amazing and did everything she needed. Thank you for that." Sophie (About Twerk, with Nancy)

"Thanks! Everything went really well, the workshop was amazing." Sincerely, Martina (About Reggaeton, with Miranda)

"We were 9 girls who went for 1 hour of twerk, in connection with a bachelor party. I just want to thank you for saving some of our day when another event was cancelled the evening before! GREAT help, so of course you get a little response from us :)
All the girls had a party. We thought it was a lot of fun, challenging and actually a little hard;)
The instructor was very good at explaining and showing, and most importantly she was really good at making us feel safe and therefore make us relax. Great personality, and a lot of humor. Thumbs up from here! " 
Sara (About Twerk, with Sam)

"We had a great afternoon in the studio at Kapelvej. We had a great good instructor who had a good energy and made sure everyone could join. All in all, a really good experience. Simone had amazing energy and played a lot of good 90's songs - just as we had requested. The routine was at an appropriate level so everyone could join" Kind regard Trine (About 90's showdance, with Simone)




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