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Kids & Teens classes

You can always buy a trial class, before deciding whether you like to sign up for a class or not. You can buy as many as you like, as long as you haven't tried the class before. You do not need to pay for the membership in order to buy a trial. 


You buy the trial via our class program. Remember to create profile first. When you have created a profile, go back to the class program. Click on "sign up", then choose a date and click on the green "tilmeld prøvtime" button and log in and pay for the trial. 

If you cannot see the possibility of buying a trial class, it is most likely because you have already purchased a trial class before or have been enrolled in the class. In this case, you have to buy a drop-in class instead.

Remember to check in the program when the class starts, you can first try the class when it has started or later (even though you can choose more dates in the calendar)

Trial classes are not refundable. Let us know if you would like to move the trial to another date at 


Do you have a hard time deciding which dance class is most suitable for you? Book 3 trials for our normal price of 60 DKK per trial and let us know in at and we will refund you for the third one. This offer cannot be combined with other offers and the 3 trials must be within the period January to June or August to December. 


Drop-in/Flex classes

Kids & teens classes

If you've tried the class before, but have no possibility to go to the class every week, you can also buy drop-in classes. If you should be prevented from attending the class on your chosen date, then you can write us an email and let us know which other day you can attend. You do not need to pay membership to buy drop-in classes. 

Buy Drop-in/flex class for kids & teen classes: 80 kr. Buy here 

You can buy drop-in classes for the same class, as many times as you like (unlike trial classes, where you can only try the same class once) 


Remember to check in the program when (the date) the class starts, you can not try it, if it has not started (even though, the system aloud you to choose more dates in the calendar)


Important info

  • Remember to see which address the class takes place at, as we have many different locations.
  • Please choose the right class number. 
  • REMEMBER to bring the receipt for the class! You can show the receipt from the phone. The receipt is only valid if you have noted the correct class number and date.
  • Trial classes and drop-in classes cannot be refunded.




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