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mini salsa camp

Salsa & Bachata Camp at Idrætshøjskolen Bosei from June 5-9 June with Magnus and Charlotte from ElStudio 

This year we present a mini camp in the beginning of June, as we do not offer beginner level classes at our Cuban Summer Camp end of July, like we have done the previous years. If you would like to dance more after participating at this camp, you can join our Cuban Summer Camp, that we also have at the same place end July, week 30. 

What to expect during 5-9th June Camp:

Are you ready to dive in the enchanting world of Cuban Salsa from scratch? Here you will also get the opportunity to practice other dance styles such as the popular Bachata, so don't miss out!

This course is a unique collaboration between ElStudio and Idrætshøjskolen Bosei, that welcomes you to a five day dance adventure, which is aimed at beginners. The stay at Idrætshøjskolen is your unique chance to get introduced to the joyful universe of the dance world combined with the best højskole traditions. All age groups can participate and you do not need a dance partner to sign up.

During five inspiring days, you will get the opportunity to dance at different times of the day. As already mentioned, we start from the beginning and gradually build up, so that everyone gets a solid foundation of steps and movements. Our passionate instructors Magnus and Charlotte will guide you through each and every step in a fun, supportive and educational way, so that everyone has a really good experience. 

The stay is about much more than just learning to dance. It is also an invitation to become a part of a unique community, meet new people and share the experience of learning something new together. You will become part of an environment, where each day comes with new unforgettable experiences, bot on the dance floor but also during the many højskole activities. Explore your creative and physical side with sports, artistic workshops and cosy evening events surrounded by beautiful nature.  

Grab this opportunity and let your inner dancer come out in a safe space, where you can be you. A world of rhythm, movement and a warm community awaits. Are you ready to take a step into a world, where the joy of dance is celebrated? Then sign up now

You can look forward to: 

- Learn to dance from scratch

- Experience the joy of dance and music in a community

- Meet new people and build lasting friendships

- Enjoy a unique blend of dances and traditional højskole activities

- Explore your creative an physical potential

Sign up to the Mini Camp via this link There are limited spaces, so hurry up and reserve a spot 

ATTENTION! If after this intensive course, you would like to dance more, you are now ready for our big Cuban Salsa Camp in week 30. We do not have a beginner level, but after this mini course, you will be able to follow the improver classes, which is the level after beginner. Read more about the camp at

We look forward to dancing with you




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