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This is our amazing instructors in the weekly classes. Besides them, we have many more instructors, which comes to our events, workshops etc.

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Stine Ortvad
Stine Ortvad

Stine is teaching Lady Styling Salsa, Reggaetón, Cuban Salsa, Rueda de Casino & Cuban Moves

Stine Ortvad is the initiator behind the dance association and the daily manager of Dancing Dynamic WorldSchool by ElStudio. Stine is a professional dancer and educated at the national dance school in Cuba, where she lived and studied modern dance and cuban dances for 5 years. The TV program “Vild Med Dans” usually calls Stine when the dancers need inspiration. She teaches in the association alongside the other teachers. All the teachers manage to transmit their dancing skills in a very inspiring and cheerful way.

Louise (Twerk Queen)
Louise (Twerk Queen)

Louise, better known as twerk queen, is the leading Twerk dancer in Denmark. She is educated in psychology at University of Copenhagen as well. She has managed to draw attention to this trendy dance style with focus on the butt. According to Twerk Queen, twerk is a feminist dance where you appreciate the natural body overall. Louise is teaching Twerk every Wenesday.

Camila - Camila teaches Brazilian Funk, Twerk, Reggaetón & Dancehall

Camila is educated in Physical Education from Brazil and she has a big passion for dancing. She has many years of dance experience both as a teacher and a performer. She used to teach dance courses back in Brazil and has been participating as a dancer in famous brazilian TV-shows and Dance video clips. Camila has been doing a lot of dance shows in Denmark and is currently teaching DanceMix & Girly Hip Hop at ElStudio. 


Daniela teaches Reggaetón, Dancehall, DanceMix, Bellydance, Jazz and Modern & Twerk

Our amazing dancer Daniela is an educated dancer from Argentina and she is also educated from the Danish dance school Sceneindgangen. She has several years of dance experience from her homeland where she has been one of the main teachers at a dance school. Daniela is a super nice teacher always bringing a bit of humour into the dance classes. 

She has been with ElStudio almost 5 years and her classes have a big interest among the students. 

Nancy - Burlesque & Girly Hip Hop

Nancy is Estonian and has been dancing numerous dance styles: Linedance, Bellydance, Showdance, Cheerleading, Hip Hop, Girly Hip Hop, Dancehall & Burlesque. She is educated as a professional dancer at the International Dance Academy by Fredie Pedersen. Her love and passion is the female dance styles as she is prioritising performance and sensuality more than anything in her dances. She's making sure that every woman no matter age or shape will find their inner confidence and sexyness during dancing. 

Anna the teacher
Anna Martinsen - Dancehall Mix teacher

Anna teaches Dancehall Fusion at ElStudio

Remind yourself of why you're dancing and the feeling of freedom it results in. Go crazy and be proud of yourself - you’re doing great!”

Anne is the winner of the Danish Hip Hop Competition in 2014 and has previously been participating in choreographing dance shows.

She loves teaching and being part of the ElStudio Team. She is enjoying the progress made by her students and she keeps reminding them how beautiful, sexy, fierce and fantastic they are.


Mie Louise
Mie Louise - Reggaetón with Dancehall, Twerk & Afrobeat

Mie is an energetic, passionate, happy and colorful person who has been dancing almost since she could walk. She’s been dancing everything from contemporary dance, ballet, hip hop, salsa, samba and more. The dance styles that interest her the most are Twerk, Reggaetón & Afrobeat. In 2014 Mie was announced the Danish Champion in twerk and ever since she has been evolving her skills even more. As a dance instructor Mie is focusing on having fun, getting the pulse up while at the same time challenging yourself. It’s important to get out of your comfort zone once in a while as this is how you are evolving. In her classes you will both learn different techniques, different choreographies as well as elements from other dance styles. She likes making basic choreography and wants the students to make it their own. Therefore, when it comes to steps, there is no right or wrong. If you want to bring your own ideas to the choreo you are more than welcome. For Mie dance is all about showing your feelings, feeling yourself & having fun! Everybody’s welcome!

Patricia - Dance Mix (Girly Hip Hop, Dancehall, K-POP)

Patricia started dancing in 2014 where she started dance lessons to become better at K-Pop. She quickly got caught in the dance and she especially got interested in hip hop, girly, L.A. style & afro and more. Patricia emphasizes creating a safe environment for her students where they are able to express themselves and have fun - no matter your dance experience. K-Pop dance is a mix of different dance styles, covering a wide genre of music. The focus is on attitude, stage presence & confidence. The choreographies she’s teaching are original choreographies (NOT the official ones), where she will go through steps occurring in official dances. It will help you to easily learn K-Pop dances in the future, but it will also challenge you and help you improve as a dancer.

Anier teacher

Anier teaches Reggaetón, Cuban Salsa, Rueda de Casino, Dominican Bachata & Cuban Moves

Anier has been associated with the dance school for more than 10 years and previously taught at our salsa courses in Cuba which is associated with the National Dance School LaENA. His specialty is Cuban dances, salsa and reggaéton. He is part of the dance group Cuban Moves who are often doing shows. Anier is an inspiring and fantastic dancer who has learned all the Cuban dance moves back in Cuba, which he is passing on to the students in a fun way.

Tahida - Afrobeat and Dancemix teacher

Tahida is a versatile dancer who has been dancing Hip Hop since childhood. Eventually Tahida has been expanding her abilities in several styles like Dancehall, Breakdance & Afrobeat. Tahida is part of the afro/dancehall crew Zoospected who has been performing at Distortion, Dancehall Madness and for the singer Hotskull etc. The most characteristic thing about her is her good energy which is affecting the students. Her classes are focusing on everybody feeling welcome regardless of dance experience. 


Bella Ekstrøm

Rhytmic Dance & MGP, Hip Hop & Showdance

Bella is a passionate dance instructor that has been dancing since she was 2 years. Bella has practiced Ballet, Hip Hop, Afrobeat, Dancehall, Brazilian Funk og Axé. While growing up in Brazil menat that Bella became familiar with a wide range of dance styles. 

"For me, dancing is about expressing yourself, dancing is art. Nothing makes me happier than to see my students express their emotions through dance. For me dance is love, creativity, community and above all, a place where there is room for everyone."

Emma - Hip hop and MTV

Emma loves to teach because she is passionate about dancing and she likes being able to inspire other people to dance.

“It makes me happy, especially when seeing that my students are thriving and are leaving the classes with a smile on their lips”

When she was younger, she participated in the European Championship where she danced Hip Hop solo. She is dancing every day and loves meeting new people at her classes. 

As Emma tells her students: Remember to dance, not only in the dance room, but dance outside as well because it makes you happy.

Kirstine - Ballet

Kirstine started dancing classical ballet at the age of 6. She danced at The Royal Danish Theater & afterwards she danced a summer season at Pantomimeteatret in Tivoli. From age of 18 she’s been dancing jazz ballet, musical & modern at Danceværkstedet, Stepz & Jacks Studio. She is at her 8th year of teaching classical ballet for children from the age of 2 to adults. It’s important for Kirstine that the dance classes are fun, even though ballet is a very disciplined dance style. She loves teaching kids, she’s got 4 kids of her own.

Laura -Rythmique Dance & MGP Dance
Rytmisk Dans & MGP, Showdans & MGP Dans,

Dancing has been a part of Laura's life ever since her first dance class at the age of 3. When she was 10 she started at competition dance in the show/hip hop genre whre she won medals at the Danish Championship & bronze at the World Championship at the age of only 12.  Additionally she has contributed in several TV-shows & recent years music videos as well. Since 2016 she’s been teaching kids from age 5-12. Laura has a passion for working with kids, developing their motoric skills while having fun at the same time.

Monica Hedwig Arildsfredd
Monica Hedwig Arildsfredd

Monica has loved dancing since she was a little girl, and through her teenage and adult life has cultivated various types of dance styles. Especially dancehall, hip hop, afrobeat and twerk she has a special passion for. She is a trained dancer and actress from the Academy of Music, Dance and Theater in Copenhagen, and has also participated in lots of different dance courses and workshops. In addition, Monica is a trained body therapist, and soon also a yoga instructor.

Dance for me is about release, creativity and expressing oneself through body and emotions. It is a space for community and joy, with room for everyone.

Monica Severino Bruun
Monica Severino Bruun

Monica has been dancing since she was a little girl. She has danced many different styles, among others. hip hop, latin dance and house.

As a pedagogy student and teacher, she is very concerned that all her students feel included and have fun while they develop as dancers together. Monica teaches rhythmic dance, MGP and Hip Hop.

I love to dance and ElStudio has given me the opportunity to combine two of my biggest passions: dancing and working with children. It is amazing to be able to share my joy of dancing with others, and inspire children/young people to challenge themselves through movement and dance.

Natalia - Hip hop

Teaching at ElStudio gives me the opportunity to share experience and help my students to grow as a dancer. I like to experiment with dance and see my students' development.

Natalia is passionate about teaching and is constantly looking for ways to improve. She is a very energetic and fun dance teacher. The fun and laughter is guaranteed in every of her dance classes.

Natalia is looking forward to meet you in her dance classes.

Hip Hop & MGP, Hip Hop, TIK TOK & MTV Dance,Rytmisk Dans & MGP

Hip Hop & MGP, Hip Hop, TIK TOK & MTV Dance,Rhythmic Dance & MGP

Dance is an art that Ronja has been doing for many years. She has been participating in Hip hop battles and hopes to inspire people getting acquainted with the hip hop genre. It’s important for her to create a safe space for her students where they are getting challenged but are still having a good time while feeling welcome. Her slogan is “I don’t believe that you are born as a dancer, it’s something you are growing to be and create for yourself”.

Daniel - Breakdance

ElStudio gives me the opportunity to teach and inspire adults and kids and to work with what I love. Also, it gives me a chance to grow as a Dance teacher.

Daniel was picked to participate in the Youth Olympic games in Germany In 2017 which was the first Breaking Olympic Test for the best young breakers. Daniel has also participated in different shows and music videos in Denmark and Sweden.

Daniel for his students: Follow your dreams, learn and be a student to achieve and learn faster.

Jetson Rodriguez
Jetson Rodriguez

Jetson studied dance in his home country Venezuela. With more than 15 years of professional artistic career, he has had the opportunity to work as a dancer in Venezuela, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Belize, Mexico, Panama and Brazil

He has also an education in event organization and photography.

He teaches Reggaeton, Urban, Street Jazz, Commercial Dance, Latin Fusion, MTV Commercial and Pop Dance.


Luciano is teaching Brazilian Samba, LatinMix & creative Dance

Luciano has his own samba group and has been teaching in Denmark for 10 years. He has been collaborating with ElStudio for 15 years both in Denmark and abroad. 

You will experience a very energetic and ambitious instruction in his classes. 

Amalie PH
Amalie PH
Rytmisk Dans & MGP, Showdans & MGP Dans, TIK TOK, Hip Hop & MTV Dance

Amalie started dancing at the age of 5 and has been participating in competition dance in Hip Hop for many years, both national & international. Additionally she did the Hotstepper education  in 2011. She has been teaching kids, youngsters & adults for more than 10 years. Besides her dance education Amalie is an educated kindergarden teacher and has a lot of experience in teaching kids and youngsters. As a dance teacher, Amalie is focuses on the progress of different dance styles in Hip Hop, which create a good foundation for her students in becoming skilled dancers. Her focus is also on making sure every child is included and that they are all having fun while at the same time developing musical appreciation & dancing skills.

Alexandra - Afrobeat

She loves dancing and exploring different ways of moving the body. Dancing gives her a joy that she loves to share with other people. Alexandra is always doing her best to make sure that everybody is having fun and feeling comfortable at her classes. African culture is one of Alexandra's biggest passions. She has spent much time in Ghana & Benin where she got inspired by the countries traditional & modern dance & music. At ElStudio we focus a lot on learning about different dance cultures. This helps provide our students a wide understanding of the different dance cultures as well as more choices among dance styles.

Denise ElStudio
Denise -LA style, Hip Hop, TikTok

Denise is a very talented dancer and has been dancing for almost 5 years. She did the dance education at Hotsteppers in 2019. She both dances and teaches LA style, Afro, Brazilian Funk, Breaking & Hip Hop. She has been performing at many shows including performing at the big scene in Tivoli. She loves teaching kids and youngsters watching them evolve through dancing and smiling after a great dance class.

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