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Privacy Politic and Conditions of use

You can read our privacy politic and the terms and conditions for use and payment by the home page here.


Privacy Politic

We process personal information and have therefore adopted this Privacy Policy, which briefly tells you how we treat your personal information to ensure fair and transparent processing. You can read our privacy policy here.


Conditions for use and payment by the home page

Our terms and conditions apply to all sales through the association, both online and billing.


Organization's legal name and contact information:

Dansende Dynamisk Verdens Skole C/O ElStudio
Blågårdsgade 37, Stuen
2200 København N
Selskabsform: Forening
CVR: 26170974
Phone: +45 20987477

1. Terms and Conditions of the Website

By using this website ( you agree to our terms and conditions of use of the If you can not accept the Website Terms, you must leave the Website immediately.

The association may change the Terms of Service at any time. Therefore, you should regularly visit the Website to view the applicable Home Page Terms. You will be subject to the policies and terms and conditions that apply at the time you use the Website.

You are responsible for entering into all the agreements that are necessary for your access to the Website. You are also responsible for ensuring that all persons entering the Website through your internet connection are aware of the Website Terms and Conforms to them.

2. Price and payment

It is a condition for membership of the association that you pay via Dankort or other payment card approved by the association and its suppliers.

Payment for benefits such as contingent and attendance etc. takes place in advance.

All prices mentioned on the Website are inclusive of VAT unless otherwise mentioned.

Payment can be made with the following credit cards: Dankort, VISA / Dankort, VISA, Eurocard / MasterCard and Visa Electron.

Relating to purchase of Memberships, Dance Classes, events and other benefits - the customer agrees that ElStudio organized under Dansende Dynamisk Verden Skole is entitled to this transaction on the customer's debit card. Upon payment transaction, a receipt will be sent to the e-mail address provided at the time of purchase. Card information is entered via Membership on the association's website.

3. Monthly payment of the kids, teens and dance classes (not salsa and Latin)

Subscription payment on the children's team.

If the association offers ongoing features, you must confirm that in future your association must withdraw the quota from your debit card until you either change your membership or opt-out of the association.

The amount to be paid for membership of the association is automatically deducted from your payment card. You will receive an email/text message, which will tell you how much you will pay, within 8 days of each payment.

The association uses DIBS A / S, which is approved by NETS A/S for this type of transaction. All transactions are processed encrypted, therefore no card data is visible. With automatic credit card withdrawal, your card information is not stored at the association, but at DIBS A / S. Receipt for payment is sent by mail. When you sign up, you agree to the terms of the association.

Before the expiry date of the payment card or changes in card data, the association sends a reminder per e-mail about this, and you must then make a cash payment or a registration with the new debit card.

Once you have received the new debit card, you must log in to the club's KLUBMODUL and correct it.

By blocking your payment card, you are responsible for making a new registration with a new debit card. This is also done on the association's KLUBMODUL as described above.

When you purchase goods or services of the Association through the Website, your payment of Nets A / S will be handled and encrypted by DIBS A / S. When you use the Website to pay for goods and services, etc. from the association, you agree that the association manages your payment under the terms and conditions specified in the Website Terms. The association may charge a fee for your payment on the Website. Any fee will always be clearly stated in all places where a transaction can be made and clearly stated on all prices mentioned on the Website. In addition, a charged fee will appear from your receipt.

Read more at about the security of online payment.

4. Right of withdrawal, refund

As a rule, there is no right of withdrawal of purchased services, such as quotas, participation and the like. (see section "Law on certain consumer agreements, section 18, paragraph 12"). In special cases, a refund may be made upon withdrawal with the provider of the benefit in question. It is the responsibility of the consumer to contact ElStudio, up to 14 days after the purchase has taken place.

Payments for participation in activities, as well as tickets and purchase for events, events and trial hours, can not, as a rule, be refunded unless otherwise stated in the description of the activity.

If you have purchased a product (i.e. DVDs, t-shirts, shoes, etc.) you have 14 days of withdrawal, the cancellation right applies from the time of delivery. If you wish to make use of the cancellation right for an item, the item must be returned to the sports club, association or organization that supplies the item before the expiry of the cancellation deadline.

If a dance class has not reached a minimum of 10 participants within 14 days of the announced start date, ElStudio reserves the right to terminate the team without further notice. In that case, the enrolled will be referred to other classes.

5. Cancellation and payment

Cancellation on the children's classes, subscription payment:

When you sign up for a kids, teen or dance class, you commit to a minimum of 3 full months. If you wish to unsubscribe from a dance class following the required 3 months, it is possible to terminate the subscription adding the current month + the following month to your subscription period. This must be done by sending us an email to with the full name, as well as the number of the class in question.

The 100 DKK membership itself expires on the 31st of December (for both kids, teens and adults). 

Price and payment adult team: We have period payment and you pay when you sign up for a class. Here you have to sign up and re-register if you want to continue on a class after the end of the period.

6. Storage of personal data

When using the Website, statistical data is collected. This data is completely anonymous, which means that they do not contain information that can identify you even if you are logged in. Sensitive data, such as payment card information sent through the network, is secured using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption, which can be identified by starting that address in the browser with HTTPS. We process your personal information in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.

There is no personally identifiable information stored about you.

We process your personal information in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act. The information you provide when using the Website is processed in full confidentiality and is used solely for billing purchases at this association via Klubmodul ApS or Klubmodul suppliers as well as sending newsletters that you have subscribed to.

As a registered user of the association or the association's suppliers, you always have the opportunity to gain insight into the information we have collected about you and you may object to registration in accordance with the rules of the Personal Data Act. No registered personal data is disclosed to any third party at any time unless required by law or otherwise required by public authorities.

ElStudio has the need to collect, record and process personal information in order to complete the delivery of orders placed in our webshop. We collect only the information that is required for the delivery of this service. The personal information processed is the name, address and email address. No personally sensitive information such as CPR is recorded or account/card numbers. When trading through the webshop at, personal information is recorded for the purpose of delivering the ordered goods. When such information is recorded, we ensure that it is done with the consent of the user and clearly states what information is recorded.

ElStudio is an educative association in the City of Copenhagen, which among other things receives grants for operations and activities. To obtain this grant, member lists consisting of name, address and date of birth of all members of the association are reported to the City of Copenhagen. It is therefore important that your personal data is correct.
These are the only personal information passed on to the 3rd party.

The registered information is stored for 5 years for our accounting purposes, after which the information is deleted. All in accordance with the Personal Data Act, and as such, ElStudio will, as data controller, provide anyone who requests it, whether or not information about the person is processed.

If personal information is processed, notice will be given;

  1. What information is being processed
  2. Purpose of treatment
  3. Who should receive the information as well
  4. Whenever the information originates. A registrant may object to ElStudio at any time against the disclosure of information about the person concerned.

7. Username and password

If you want to sign up for classes or other services via Klubmodul, you will be assigned a username and password.

It is your responsibility to safely keep your username and password and not pass this information to others.

You can order a new password on this website where you have set up as a user.

8. Newsletters and photos

You can sign up for our newsletters. If you have subscribed to our newsletters, we will send it to you by email to the email address you provided. You can always unsubscribe to our newsletters by deleting your profile on the Website, or by posting newsletters either via a link in the news email or on your profile via the Website. In the newsletters, there may be advertisements for the organization's sponsors and/or collaborators.

By signing in and registering with us, you hereby also give your permission to receive newsletters once a month, as well as to continuously take pictures and videos from the classroom. For our summer and Christmas ending, we take both video and pictures. We reserve the right to use these pictures/videos in our marketing of the school. We relate to DGI's guidelines on personal data law, which you can read more about here.

10. Cookies

In connection with login, a temporary cookie is installed on your computer. In Internet Explorer (version 5.x), if desired, cookies can be deleted from the "Tools" menu - "Internet settings" - "Delete cookies"

11. Technical requirements for the user's computer equipment

Work is being done to optimize the technique on the website so that the website works in the most widely used browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Edge, Safari, Mozilla, Opera) and operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, Linux).

12. The Marketplace

Through the Marketplace, club members and fans can support financially. Each time a member shopper among the registered webshops, the club earns a grant of between 2-5% of the order. All trades made by the registered webshops in the marketplace are exclusively through the relevant webshop. All inquiries and/or complaints must, therefore, be addressed to the relevant webshop.

13. Disclaimer

Klubmodul ApS and this association are not responsible for crashing or failing access to the website, power crashes or internet connection, system malfunctions (both physical and computer viruses and hacking), abuse of personal data or other circumstances and circumstances beyond our control.

Klubmodul ApS and this association can not, in any event, be made responsible for the use of the Website or Klubmodule.

Reservations for pricing and pricing errors are incorrectly specified times and locations.

Klubmodul ApS and this association do not warrant that the Website and any available advertisements of any kind are flawless, available, accurate, accurate, reliable, updated, secure, delivered timely or may be used for the purpose specified.

Even if we strive to ensure that the information on the Website is correct, we do not promise that they are accurate or complete.

Klubmodul ApS and this association, sports club or organization may make changes to the material on this Website or to the services and prices described at any time and without notice.

The material on the Website may be outdated and Klubmodul ApS and the present association, sports club or organization do not undertake to update the material. Klubmodul ApS and this association, sports club or organization are thus not liable for direct loss, consequential damages, including operating losses, lost profits and indirect losses suffered by the customer, customer customers/clients/ third parties or third parties due to errors in an ad text or photo.

Any link to a third party's website is without responsibility for Klubmodul ApS and this association, sports club or organization. Klubmodul ApS and this association, sports club or organization assume no liability for any damage to the user due to the use of Klubmodul or our suppliers' services on the Website. If you wish to advertise a service or service, please contact us.

You are responsible for the security of the password you have used to register on the Website. Unless Klubmodul ApS or the present association, sports club or organization by negligence passes your password to third parties, Klubmodul ApS and this association, sports club or organization are not responsible for unauthorized transactions entered using your name and password.

14. Customer service

In general, we will try to assist you as much as possible if you have problems with your registration/booking.

You can contact us by clicking on contact or selecting "Help" or a similar button or by calling any phone number listed on the Home page.

Questions for your registration or order: If you have any other issues with your sign up or order, please contact us as described above and we will try to help you.

Change or cancel your registration or order: If you wish to cancel or change your registration or order after it has been submitted and the payment has been approved, please contact us as described above. However, there is no guarantee that we accept your wishes.

Complaints and Feedback: If you are not satisfied with the quality of a service or service we have provided, you can provide feedback to us in the form of review, comments and ratings that reflect your experience.

Compensation: If you are not satisfied with the quality of a service or service that we have delivered and you wish to be refunded the amount or a relative discount in the price or other compensation, please contact us as described above.

15. Force majeure

We are not responsible for failure or late fulfilment of any of our obligations due to events beyond our reasonable control (Force Majeure).

Force majeure includes any action, event, failure event, omission or accident beyond our reasonable control and includes (without limitation) the following:

  • strike, lockout or other collective battles
  • civil unrest, rebellion, invasion, terrorist attack or threat of terrorist attacks, war (whether declared or not) or threat or preparation for war
  • fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, congestion, epidemic or other natural disasters
  • the impossibility of using railways, ships, aircraft, car transport or other public or private means of transport
  • the impossibility of using a public or private telecommunications networks
  • a government's actions, decrees, laws, regulations or restrictions

Our performance of a contract is deemed to have been terminated during the Force Majeure event and we will be postponed for the duration of such period. We will do our best to terminate the Force Majeure event or find a solution whereby our contractual obligations can be met despite the Force Majeure event.




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