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Dance events outside

Our instructors are all trained dancers, who can always get a big smile on people's lips. 

Everyone can participate, regardless of age and gender, and no dancing experience is required to participate.

If you have to toast once in a while, of course, there is room for that as well. With us you can bring your own drinks ;)

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Our instructors bring all the music they need. You just need to provide a speaker with AUX cable or Bluetooth where the instructor can connect his/her cellphone.

In the event of rain, it is at your own risk. You can contact us at least 3 days before to change the time, or if necessary. change date.

We offer dance lessons in the following styles:

Twerk, Dancehall, Salsa, Disco, Funk, Hip Hop, Breakdance, MTV Dance, Showdance, Strip Fitness, Burlesque, Belly Dance, Bollywood, Afrobeat, Tango, Samba, Flamenco, Reggaetón, LatinMix, RetroMix, DanceMix, Jazz Ballet , Ballet, Standard Latin and Bridal Roll and more. Read about all our dance styles here

If you have special wishes, please contact us, and you get right the dance styles you would like. 



We only book for whole hours. You can book from early morning to evening. See prices here


Send os an email on for a non-binding offer

Expect half a day to get a response. If it is an emergency, please call 0045 20987477.

When you book, you will receive an email with all information, as well as a link where you must go in and pay within 8 days of booking. After the payment is completed, you will receive a receipt by mail. The booking is binding on both parties after receipt of the receipt.

New updated cancellation policy as of 20.04.2020:

Our policy is that booking is binding for both parties. If cancellation is made at least 20 working days before the start of the event, half of the amount will be refunded. If canceled later than this, the money will not be refunded. 

For outdoor events the following applies: In case of rain, it is at your own risk. You can contact us at least 3 days before to change the time, or if necessary change date.


You are very welcome to post a comment about your dance experience on our Facebook page and upload a photo.

If you would like to go dancing with us afterwards, check out our class program on the website. There are many different classes to choose from.




See what we have to offer you!

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