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First time you sign up for one of our dance classes, you have to create a membership in our association. Read more about membership down below, It costs 100 DKK for the whole year.

If you already have a profile, you can sign in, when you click on the class to register. You can also sign in here to see already registered classes. 

If you have wishes for classes or times/dates, that are not in the program, please send us an email. Read more about gift cards and trial/drop-in classes

Adult classes


The prices of our adult classes equals 60 DKK per class. For these classes, you sign up for one period at a time.You only pay for the remaining number of classes (we have taken National Holidays into account). Hence you can also start whenever you want, during any given period.

We have 5 periods a year, read more about our periods here. Teen classes are paid on subscription like the kids classes. 


If you do not want to continue on a dance class in the next period, simply do not sign up for a new class, when the period ends. The membership expires automatically at the end of the calendar year.

Please note that we reserve the right to cancel, or postpone the start date if there is not at least 10 participants. 

In case a class is not established, you can get the money refunded for the class, or switch to a different class.

Kids/teens classes


On our dance classes for kids and teens (1-16 years) we have subscription payment, where you pay a regular amount each month. We have 2 seasons in a year, that goes from January - June, and August - December. When you sign up for a kids class, you commit yourself for 3 full months.

You can start whenever you like, even though the season has started. If you start in the middle of a month after the 15th, you only pay for a half month. You also only pay for a half month in June, August and December because of season start and end. 

Price: Our children's classes is 160-240 DKK per month, depending on the length of the class. We do not take public holidays into account. Prices per month for kids and teens classes are: classes of 30 min. (160 DKK), 40 min. (180 DKK.), 45 min. (190 DKK.), 50 min. (200 DKK.) 60 min. 220 DKK.

We have summer and Christmas show on June 14th, and December 14th 2019, during the day.  Everyone gets automatically unsubscribed all classes after our summer vacation. If you want to continue your dance class afterwards, you have to remember to sign up for the class again.


When you sign up for a kids class, you commit yourself for 3 full months. If you wish to unsubscribe your child from a dance class after these 3 months, it will be with immediate effect from the date we receive the unsubscription per mail. You unsubcribe by sending an email to with the name of your child, the class number, and the name of the instructor.

Read more about our terms and conditions here.



Sign up for several classes and gain a discount 

You can gain a discount if you sign up for more classes in one period. You registrate for the classes as normally and write an email to afterwards, then you will get the discount refunded on your account. Please be aware that there must be at least 6 weeks left on the classes to get this discount.

Sign up for 2 classes - and gain 100 DKK discount in the period 

Sign up for 3 classes - and gain 150 DKK discount in the period

Sign up for 4 classes  -  and gain 200 DKK discount in the period

Unlimited dance classes

Buy 5 classes and get every additional class for free!

When you have signed up for 5 classes, please send us an email at and inform us, which additional classes you would like to join, then we will manually sign you up.

Sibling discount

If you have two or more children, that you sign up together, please write us an email, and we will refund 200 DKK to you per season. A season goes from August-June.

Dance for free

If you are a group of 5, who sign up together and have never danced at our school, one of you will get the money for the class refunded, if you write us an email with your full names. The discount is also valid, if it is a former student, who has 5 new friends with, and everyone sign up for the same class. There have to be at least 5 weeks left of the class, for the discount to be valid.


Our yearly membership runs from January - December and costs 100 DKK. This is no matter when in the season you sign up. 

The membership is automatically added to the price of the class/classes when you sign up for the first time on the adult classes. For the kids classes, you need to pay the membership fee before you sign up for a class for the first time. 

If you are under 25 years old and needs help paying for the membership fee, click here.

Membership benefits

  • 20 % discount on all our workshops.
  • 20 % discount on all our private lessons.
  • Free entrance to our Summer Show and Christmas Show.
  • Kids at ElStudio gets free entrance with 1 companion to our season Summer Show and Christmas Show.
  • Kids at ElStudio gets a nice T-shirt with the school's logo on it, which will be delivered at our yearly season show.
  • A newsletter from us once a month with information about all the exciting activities we are planning
  • A pleasant community for everyone, with top dance lessons by our wonderful instructors

(Member discounts cannot be used when you buy gift cards.


In case of sickness, it is unfortunately not possible to get refunded your membership or class sign up. This also applies to trial lessons.

Switching classes

You can always switch classes, as long as there are as many weeks left, as you have paid for. Just send an email to


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