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Now ElStudio offers latin classes outside at Nørrebro! 

You need a dance partner to sign up for a salsa class. We would like you to dance with the same person at each class. 

Membership and payment 

You must create profile and be a member of ElStudio to join the classes. It costs 100 DKK / year to be a member.

Create a profile here and pay for the membership when you click on "sign up" next to the class.


You can always buy a trial class, before deciding whether you like to sign up for a class or not. You can buy as many as you like, as long as you haven't tried the class before. You do not need to pay for the membership in order to buy a trial. 

Trial classes: 60 DKK. 

Remember to create profile first before buying a trial class. When you have created a profile, you then need to log out. Then go back to the Latin Classes Outdoor page and then click on "sign up" below next to the class you would like to try. Scroll down and click on the green button that says "prøvtime" and log in and pay for the trial. 

Trial classes are not refundable, and cannot be moved to another day. 

Latin classes inside 

If you later on sign up to one of our regular Salsa & Latin classes, you will be asked to pay the membership fee once again. After you have paid for the class, then email os on and we will refund you the 100 DKK, as you already have paid this fee by attending one of our outdoor latin classes. We have two differen systems (one for dance classes + outside classes and one for latin classes) that are not connected, which is why you are asked to pay 100 DKK once again when you sign up for our usual (indoor) latin classes. 


Our classes outside take place in a schoolyard at Nørrebro - Blågårds Skole (where you stand hidden away from the street).


Monday Salsa with Pia at Blågård Skole at the school yard on the right side of the street (until July 26th). If it rains, we will move the classes to Vesterbro Kulturhus (Helgasalen) 

19.00-20.00: Salsa (Intermediate) Sign up (151A)





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