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Universal Dance Competition 2019



Saturday 15th of June 2019 from 15:00 - 19:00

Universal Dance Competition embraces ALL dance styles! Standard-Latin, Salsa, Disco, Breakdance, Hip Hop, Waacking, Twerk, Afro, Reggaetón, Dancehall, Jazz, Swing, Ballet, Flamenco, Bellydance, Bollywood, and much more - you name it! You can also do your own mix of different dance styles. We embraces versatility.

The dance crews/group will have to compete in one of two categories: Dance Show or Dance Battle ?
In both categories the dance crew will compete across different dance genres. 16 dance crews will compete in the Dance Show with prepared choreography and 12 dance crews will compete in the Dance Battle.


The 16 groups will have one chance to impress the judges.
All 16 crews will have 3 min. to show their choreography.
The dance crews will choose their own music ahead of the day ?


After the first choreography round, the judges will decide which 8 dance crews will go on to the final where they will have to show their second choreography (3 min) which is also to their own music.
After reviewing the dance crews the judges will choose a winner and a 2nd and 3th place.


The 12 dance crews will battle against each other 1 on 1, in battles of 4 minutes. Each battle will have 2 min. of music in the dance style of one crew, and 2 min. of music in the dance style of the other crew.

You will get more information on the day, on how we will give you sign to switch crews in the battle.

The 12 dance crews will dance like this in the first round:

Finalist 1 - Finalist 7 (4 min.)
Finalist 2 - Finalist 8 (4 min.)
Finalist 3 - Finalist 9 (4 min.)
Finalist 4 - Finalist 10 (4 min.)
Finalist 5 - Finalist 11 (4 min.)
Finalist 6 - Finalist 12 (4 min.)

The judges will choose one winner crew from each of the 6 battles to go to the semifinal.


The 6 semifinalist will battle against a new dance crew in the
semifinal on the same terms as in the first round.
The 3 best will go on to the final.


In the final round the 3 dance crews will once again do a battle.
But this time the 3 finalist dance crews will compete against each other in a freestyle triple-battle.

The crews does not know which songs will be played. There will be music from each genre. (For example: both Dancehall and Hip Hop music)

If you have any doubts or questions please call +45 20 98 74 77, or send us an email on info@elstudio.dk

Dance crews of 2-12 dancers can sign up for the competition.​

You have to be at least 14 years old to participate.

The competition is open for everyone - from ALL dance style. No dance style is excluded!

​There is no dress code - but participants MUST NOT be wearing commercial logos from dance schools, sponsors, etc. on their clothes.

You may use props if you like.

You must pick a crew name. The crew name can not be changed between rounds.

For the winning dance crews we have the following price:

1. price for Dance Battle
5.000 DKK (fee)

1. price for Dance Show
5.000 DKK (fee)


STEP 1. Send us a video and MP3 file

If your crew/group like to be in the competition, then you need to send us a VIDEO with a dance choreography of approx. 2 minutes. It does not have to be the same as the one you will do at the competition. It can be a youtube video. The person who sends the video is the contact person from the dance crew/group. You must later on send 1 music files in Mp3 file to info@elstudio.dk.

You must name the music files your “CREW/GROUP NAME”.
STEP 2. You get the answer

We will choose the 16 best crews/groups to join the competition .
If you are chosen to participate in the competition, you need to prepare a dance show for the second round, which takes place Friday the 27th of April.

You are ready to participate!

When you receive a receipt per mail, your team is signed up for the competition! Remember to send us the video, and the music files for the choreography to info@elstudio.dk.

For more info about the competition go to:

For more info on the festival go to:

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