Christmas show by ElStudio students - December 14th | Gå til hovedindhold

This year our Christmas ending show for our dance classes will take place at Kulturhuset Indre By on Saturday the 14th of December in the daytime ✨??

If you are a student now at ElStudio. Ask your teachers whether your class is going to perform or not. If you do not like to perform, you do not have to, it is not a must. You can attend all our classes without taking part in any activities.

On the 29th of November, we will have a Christmas party for all our Salsa, Bachata and Latin dance students. Have a look here.

On the 14 of december, we will open the doors at 13:00 for the students that have to perform, so they have time to get ready.

Your friends and family, and people that like to see them perform,  have to arrive from 13:45-14:00, the entrance is 40 DKK, you can pay with Mobilepay, credit card or cash. Or not members can buy tickets here  and members can buy tickets here.

The show will take place from 14:00-15:30.

After the show, we will put on some music, and encourage everybody to stay. Please bring some food and we will make a table so we can do a buffet. We will bring plates and cutlery for everybody.

We will finish the event at 17:00.

Kulturhuset Indre By, Charlotte Ammundsens Pl. 3, 1359 København. Event

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